Member of Core Machine Learning Team

Position: Member of Core Machine Learning Team
Job type: Full-time / In-person
Location: Mountain View, CA or London, UK

Samaya AI is seeking an experienced ML Engineer to join our team and help us develop and deploy large-scale language models (LLMs) to power our knowledge discovery platform. As a member of our team, you will be responsible for training and inference infrastructure that supports our in-house LLMs.


  • Train LLM at scale
  • Design and implement evaluation pipelines to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • Curate and manage large-scale data pipelines
  • Optimize inference infrastructure for latency and costs
  • Research and propose cutting-edge LLM solutions to improve performance and accuracy


  • Proven track record of working with LLMs and neural information retrieval
  • Strong programming and engineering skills
  • Passion, independence, and a willingness to take ownership of tasks
  • Passion for solving challenging problems

Nice to have:

  • PhD in Machine Learning or related areas
  • Experience building distributed systems

About Samaya AI

Samaya AI is dedicated to changing the way professionals access and use knowledge through the use of generative AI. Our team consists of top-tier ML scientists, software engineers, and full-stack developers working collaboratively in an inclusive, truth-seeking environment. Join us in shaping the future of knowledge and AI technology!

How to apply?

Email with the following information: name, email, phone number, resume/CV, LinkedIn profile, and website (if applicable).