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Empowering human knowledge workflows with AI

Knowledge workflows are notoriously time-consuming. Experts can spend weeks combing through thousands of pages of dense information, searching for crucial details. Our AI Research Agent makes this process effortless, cutting through the noise to uncover hidden insights and support better decision making.

Samaya AI mission


Making complex financial research simpler, better and faster

We partner with top financial institutions to develop custom-built AI research agents. Capable of synthesizing insights across diverse, real-time sources, these agents supercharge financial analysis and advisory.

Samaya AI mission


“This product is immediately useful. Picks up key details, doesn’t hallucinate and carefully sourced.”

— Top 5 Asset Management Firm

“This is the best financial AI product we’ve seen.”

— Top 3 Bank (compared to GPT-4)

“The quality and versatility is fantastic, we’re excited to do a bigger partnership.”

— Top 5 Hedge Fund


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Samaya AI mission


We're backed by Gen AI leaders

Eric Schmidt (lead)
AI Grant
Air Street Capital
Anne Wojcicki
Christopher Manning
David Siegel
Diane Greene
Jeff Dean
Jeff Hammerbacher
Jeff Wilke
Khosla Ventures
Mark Cuban
Martin Chavez
Ram Shriram
Vento (Exor)
Yann LeCun


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